“Let’s join Together to make a difference”
TOGETHER, we can help change the face of Hunger!
Dine on Purpose Event

In an effort to further encourage giving to charities who feed the hungry,  

we are inviting everyone to hold your own “Dine on Purpose Event”,  

where you organize a charity event to raise funds for the hungry.

Your "Dine on Purpose Event”could be a  

Morning Coffee     Brunch     Luncheon     Afternoon Tea     Dinner Party     Potluck   

Celebration     Birthday Party     Anniversary     Office Party

As the host of the event, you ask each guest to give a donation for a chosen charity,

who feeds the hungry, as an “entrance fee” or in lieu of a hostess or other gift.

  Ask your guests to make online donations and use their“tax receipt” as their “ticket” to get into your event!

Otherwise, you can arrange for the donations to be forwarded to the chosen charity!

Enjoy making a difference!